37 | Building and Cleaning: My Road from Mortgages to Mops | Shawn Day


Join Shawn Day on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey from launching a successful mortgage company to innovating the cleaning industry, culminating in a revolutionary hiring process that transforms how cleaning businesses staff up.

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Alternate Titles For The Algorithm:

Mortgage to Mop: My Entrepreneurial Journey
From Mortgages to Mops: A Business Evolution
Cleaning Up in Business: My Path Through Mortgages and Beyond
Sweeping Success: Mortgages to Cleaning Empire
The Right Exit: My Transition from Mortgages to Maid Service
Sparkling Success: Building Businesses from the Ground Up
Dusting Off Dreams: My Entrepreneurial Leap from Mortgages
The Clean Break: My Shift from Mortgages to Maid Mastery
From Loans to Soap Scones: An Unlikely Business Journey
Scrubbing Up Success: My Story from Mortgage Mogul to Cleaning Champ
Hiring Shine: The Path from Mortgages to Staffing Solutions
Sweeping Changes: My Business Odyssey from Finance to Filth Fighting
From Closing Deals to Cleaning Seals: My Entrepreneurial Pivot
Clean Slate: From Mortgage Magnate to Janitorial Giant
Mortgages to Maintenance: Crafting My Business Dynasty
The Sparkle of Success: Mortgages, Mops, and Making It Big
From Financial Foundations to Sanitation Solutions: My Business Journey
Building and Cleaning: My Road from Mortgages to Mops
Dust to Dollars: My Entrepreneurial Shift from Housing to Cleaning
The Entrepreneur’s Clean Sweep: From Mortgages to Hiring Hacks