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Get ready to be hooked on this incredible new podcast, “Nobody Wants To Work Tho”, hosted by the amazing Elyse Y. Robinson! In her first episode, Elyse dives right in and shares her own personal horror story of a disastrous interview with Citibank. You won’t believe the outrageous details of what went down and how it left her feeling completely disillusioned with the traditional corporate world. But don’t worry, this podcast isn’t all doom and gloom – Elyse’s unique perspective and hilarious commentary will keep you engaged and entertained throughout. Tune in now to hear her story and get ready to laugh, cry, and maybe even learn something new!

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Alternate Titles For The Algorithm:
From Owning A Fashion Brand To Designing Wearable Tech
How To Cultivate A Career In Wearable Tech

Show Notes

Music hi, my name is Elyse Robinson. I am the host of Nobody Wants to Work podcast. And I’ll be talking about the good versus the evil. And so the good is the career switching stories that I love hearing about. I love hearing people enjoy their work and upgrade their lives and the evil, which would be the interview horror stories.

How did it get started? Well, I mean, you see it all over Twitter. I’m very active on Twitter and LinkedIn, and people vent. And so interviews have gotten worse over the years. I’ve seen ten interviews.

I’ve had people reach out to me saying, seven interviews, it’s crazy. And then you get ghosted, whatever. And so one day I was venting on LinkedIn and I was like, well, maybe we should have a support group. And about 15 people said they were going to show up, but only one lady showed up, which is fine, because you got to start somewhere, right? But that idea grew into this podcast.

I want the world to know how crazy these employers are, how crazy the people that work at these companies are. And I want people from Portugal and Spain and Congo and insert country here. I want people from all over the world to come on my show and talk about their stories and their country so we can just see how different things are.

Outside of that, I want people to come and talk about their career switching stories. I enjoy listening to podcasts about inspirational stories. And it’s such a beautiful thing. We can get right into it. We can start off with my first interview horror story.

My next podcast, I’ll talk about my career switching story. I was an auditor in my past life. Now I am working in the cloud and tech. And so, yeah, where do I want to start? So my first interview horror story, I’m going to talk about I’ll never forget this one.

It’s a crazy story, but it was citibank. And I don’t want to say it’s a high up level position because banks named their positions crazy things like VP for no reason. So, yeah, but it was a cloud engineering type of role, and it was a lady. And she came on the screen because it was virtual, of course. And she already seemed kind of rude when we got on the screen.

So I’m like, okay, I’ll just go with the flow. And the topic came up of moving to the Dallas area. I’m really not one for moving out of my city. I prefer to work remote. But money talks, right?

And duties talk, right? If I’m happy with my position. And so came up the topic of working in the office two days a week. And she said, you could choose your days. And I’m like, I’m confused because I thought the whole point of coming into the office was that you could work with your coworkers and bounce ideas off each other and all this other kind of stuff.

And so I asked her. I said, So why would you be able to choose your days? I thought the whole point was the camarodity of working in the office together because I’m going to choose Mondays and Fridays, and nobody really chose Mondays and Fridays, right?

My days separated so I can get a break, right? And so she just jumped to, maybe this position isn’t for you. And I’m like, okay. So I just logged off. I don’t have time for the bull, right?

I just logged off. And then she had nerd to check my LinkedIn and stuff. You know what? I never heard anything back from Citibank on that position. Dinkus and I’ll notice or nothing.

Didn’t hear back from the recruiter or anything. So that’s just one crazy story. But outside of that, you can research me. I’m at switching to tech.org. That’s SW I tchnto int o and then tech.

Tech.org. I like to put on a monthly seminar for different topics in tech. Like, I have one coming up, November 27, 2022. I’m dating this podcast, but that’s my next one, and it’ll be live LinkedIn reviews, and I’ve gotten great testimonials about it. Basically, I choose three people from the audience and then I go over.

My LinkedIn recruiter is always in my inbox. My LinkedIn is very thorough, so please attend if you haven’t already. I also have a resource website which is switching to Tech.com. And I have free Udemy courses on there, free boot camps, free events, scholarships for tech. And the most talked about thing is the free or discounted exam vouchers that I find.

And I got great testimonials for that. Been in different publications and go sign up. Go sign up. And outside of that, I have a few other projects that are coming up. I’m working on them slowly but surely.

I’m only one person. And I also have a book called New Base switching to Tech Career. And so you can look up that on Amazon. I’ll put links down below and that’s pretty much it. Thank you for watching and listening and subscribe and look forward to the next podcast with me talking about my switch from accounting to tech.