29 | Brain Talk | Dr. Christopher K. Slaton


*Sponsored* Join Dr. Christopher K. Slaton and I as we discuss his life experiences and how it lead him to understand that education is a science.

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Hey, my name is Elyse Robinson with the nobody.


Wants to work though podcast.


Today we have Doctor Christopher Slayton.


And he’s going to tell us about the education of science. Go ahead and introduce yourself, Christopher.


Thank you. Thank you very much. Elyse. I am doctor Christopher, Kevin Slayton, and I’m proud to be here. Happy to be here. I’m. I’m happy to be here with you because you have excited me. I’m saying. Yeah. So.


Let me get through.


It because education and science, as you pointed out, is what I practice.


You know, because I have, I could be called a displaced worker if you’d like to call me that, because that’s what happened to me as a young person.


I went to the Marine Corps. That was my first experience with with a formal.


Employment, I mean, as a kid, I did have informal employment. That’s me as a child working for companies, but not actually having any tax liability because I never was on the road. They just had child labor going on there.


So in the Marine Corps, I was able to begin to understand what was.


And what was happening to me, the experience of me and then I had to understand the the economics of of having employment, you know, I I didn’t understand money in terms.


Of of of.


Of of salary and having money taken away from you penalties, all these things as part of the education.


That I talk for him because my whole.


Ohh, life turned out to be, you know, catch back up Doctor Slate. So when I say Doctor Slate, I’m saying I practice becoming a doctor. Before I became a doctor. You know? So that’s that’s the discussion. I’m I I’m going to be speaking from when when you’re talking about the workplace cause it’s been a lot of work as an entrepreneur understanding education.


And then that be your platform to catching back up because the things you did in your childhood.


You know, went the opposite direction and you were going the wrong way, so you missed out on a lot of interaction with with my best. All my friends were intelligent. I never was around ignorant kids. I was around the smartest kids in neighborhood. But my problem was my mother and father broke up and I went from here to the ghetto.


And being together, I had to figure everything out out. You know, being attacked, being bullied, be all those things. Teasing, bullying, peer pressure. Drugs. I had to figure all that stuff out. So I.


Had to act other than myself.


You know, out of the fear and anger I had to figure it out. So yes, Doctor Slayton has been well earned from my perspective.


UMI don’t know if you spoke on it, but you you told me before we began that you were born and raised in Oakland. So I can’t even imagine what it was like growing up in like the 70s and the 80s and the 90s.


During that time with the you know the drugs and and all that.


Good stuff so.


I I can’t imagine navigating, navigating that because I grew up in.


The 90s.


Yes, Sir.


So we were like kind of at the tail end of all that stuff. And if you don’t know, I’m born and raised in Sacramento, which is.


Up the street from Oakland.


So I know Oakland went very well because I used to go all the time as a teenager and as a.


Young adult but.


But yeah, if you don’t know anything about the Bay Area during that time, yeah, I feel for you. I do.


What did you want to be when you grew up?


So that’s another very, very puzzling.


Question because.


I came from.


That community that you’re talking about, I was surrounded by the Black Panthers organization like that, so community orientation.


Trying to figure out how to survive racism and and and and and and all those things that are hidden in California but are.


Out in the open in Sacramento is a place that you go and you’d experience racism different from being in Oakland. I mean, I will came up to an age where the black parents, when they went to Sacramento, they were touted as, you know, radicals and, you know, had they, their rifles taken away.


So I’m saying the experience of that culture is what lifted me up. It made me become more aware of what I had to be in order for me to survive. So dreaming, you know, I’m living a dream.


Seen just in that environment around people that were really, really involved in community development and the experience, even if I look at my basketball coach as a child, he was involved in other community events. So when I played on played for him, I played for his image, you know, so the dream.


Of just being significant, you know, and not being less than because that’s what you’re being told, even in classrooms, you’re being told that you’re less than.


So when when you talk about dreaming, I’m saying I’m a very feeling person. I’ve always been a caring person. So if you say something to me back then I’m gonna internalize it and work through it and do something about it. And activists trying to, OK, you can’t make us feel this way. When Martin got killed.


I remember I’m at Lockwood Elementary school. Haven School is right. Right next.


Door. The haven score. Kids running through my elementary school attacking people. And we’re like, wow, what’s going on? And then we find out that Martin had had just been killed. Now everything changed from that point forward, even in, in, in the streets of Oakland. I mean, you know, so we talk about.


Dreaming. Dreaming of of not being left behind and understanding education system that did not address your needs but you had to move through your mother and father.


So you go back to school, get don’t worry about that. You know, it’s like when JFK died, I was sitting in front of the television. This is this is.


This is what we’re talking about.


And the screen just went blank. You know, just saying, right? And then my mother and father coming in there all while and talking about what happened to the President, artists and all. But those are the cultural things that I grew up under that gave me that sense of.


Here beyond just myself. But when my father Father broke up, it had to be a self. Had to be found because self was hurt. So when I talk about.


The journey of.


Dreaming, I wanted to win. So winning at whatever cost my friends dreamed about. You know that high school we were talking about?


They were talking about.


The Bunnies, and you know Playboy and.


Owning this and owning that and I’m sitting there saying, you know what?


All I wanna do was I was athlete. All I wanna do is just win, you know, I’m listening to all these things. I never talked about the fabulous cars they did. So you know, I mean, that’s that’s puzzling to me. Why I didn’t just.


You know, but in reality, if I if I gave you this story another way, my best friend was Paul Hammonds. Paul Hammonds had all these visions. I stole his life. In the end, I began to live his life when he didn’t come and wrinkled me. I then, for I guess, association and trying to.


Go to the next level. He I embraced some of his thinking that he he laid upon me. And that’s how I began to get an education even in ring for because that’s what he was talking to me about as a as a as a kid growing up meant.


Throwing me trying to get me to understand, Chris, there’s a better way. There’s an and so education dreaming.


Just wanting to be an entrepreneur is where I am right now and didn’t happen by accident. I had to practice self recovery to get to understand the experience.


Uses of of these noises and sounds that were coming to me through people that cared about me. That you’re blocking because you’re hurt and you’re saying Nah, Nah, that’s not for me. That’s for you. That’s that’s what you want. You know, I’m winning over here cause I’m I’m banging in the subculture, so I’m I’m I’m doing all right.


So, so to speak. But I’m not, because I’m not in the real world, you know, I’ll say it that way, that.


Then I go, I’ll try.


No, it’s it’s, it’s your interview.


Ohh no.


You. You said a couple of things that you know that that spoke to me about, you know, what you wanted to be when you grew up and you said you wanted to win. And you know, everybody’s definition of winning is different. My definition of winning when I was like maybe 9 or 10, I want to be a veteran.


Period. I used to go to the library and check out these little stupid horse and vet books and look at them and stuff.


So for me to be, you know, intact it and accounting is is like way, way off off the boat. But I learned that I’m lazy and I wasn’t going to go to three hour chemistry and physics and biology classes, so that was never happening, especially with the invention of the Internet.


I wasn’t. I I was like, I can get a degree online like.


Why would I have to?


Go to school, you know.


But luckily, you know I love tech and I love accounting and accounting. I I chose because you can work anywhere.


In the world.


And no one can play me about my money.


You know, I enjoy tax, you know.


And what you mean, you know the revenue expenses like I already know that stuff. You can’t play me. You can’t play me about that. So it it it fit with me. But like you said, the winning part. I I always wanted to retire early. So you know, my my mother retired at 40.


And my father retired at 56, so if I can retire in between them, I would consider that to be winning, so that that has always been my goal is to is to retire. Like I don’t want to be working at 75. That’s not something I wanna do. I wanna be laid up.


On my little Mexican beach, drinking a Margarita, that’s what I want to do.


Listen, you kind of spoken a little bit, but where did your career begin? What? What you do? You didn’t tell me what you were in the Marines on office, secret or classified. But where did you start? And then where? You know, what prompted you to make the career change that you’re in now?


Wow. You know gradually from what you just now said and as I translated into my experience.


You know.


It was. It was different. Because I say again the culture.


The cultural events were defining my sensibilities.


As a functional functional person I what I mean by that is that.


I didn’t frame like this because I was more grounded in understanding that.


When you go to school, I’m not.


Being taught to.


Be something that a doctor, lawyer, type of thing. I’m I’m being taught and my experience is.


Being broken. You know you’re broke, you know, like I was in a classroom. My second grade. It’s in my new book coming out. But, you know, and the teacher and I had a question. And this is doing the the, the Martin Luther King and and and and and and and Malcolm and and and the Black Panthers activities, you know. And and and and the environment. And I said now why do we call people.


White or black? Why? Why do we do that? And she said, shut up, Christopher. That’s.


Stop it. And I’m like what?


You know, because I’m trying to figure out.


No, I said. President Kennedy got shot. You know, I’m trying to kid, trying to make sense of these adults and these behaviors, and I’m saying.


That stole a part of me, you know, inside the academic environment, it stole a deep it wounded me. And I’m sitting there saying when because I knew what I was giving up when I walked out that classroom, I knew that I was because my friends were telling me, Chris, you can’t know Chris.


No, I’m sitting there saying no.


That was. That’s the and I’m. I’m a young kid, you know. And I’m saying to you that moving forward it just collectively begin to become a part of me. I’m not gonna let them destroy me. Now I’m saying this is a white teacher. So I’m looking at white people like this all y’all. Even though I learned.


In the reading court, that’s not how it is. But back then, as a child, I saw white people as being destructive to my spirit because when I look at my pictures in my families history, they’re looking like, you know.


They’re trashy. You know, there’s no energy. There was nothing in those pictures. But but. But, you know. And I’m saying now, you know, it is that is that for me. And you turn on the TV. What are you looking at? You know, pimps, hoes thing. Come out. What? No, no, that’s that was not me. So you know.


Dreaming Dreaming is winning. Winning what?


Winning your sense of self, not letting them destroy that. Because that’s what those movies were saying. When you listen to other kids talk.


About it, that was self destruction. You know, girls jumping in the in the in the lifestyle just because they believed that that was it for them. No, no, no, there’s more. But you see, that’s dreaming, right? When you when you when you’re surrounded by chaos and yet you see something that’s better.


They may not see it like you see it because they’re inside the system program thinking I will take all this and suck all this up, get the best grades.


Get into college and I will.


Take off and fit in, but then you seeing doctors, lawyers inside these communities that are marginalized, OK, because they’re inside, but they’re leaders inside the community, but they have no true voice. We now talking about Martin and the March on the capital. I’m saying, what, how does this all make sense now?


The reason why I can rationally talk like this is because I was on the ground with the Black Panthers. They were in my neighborhood, so I was learning.


See about what was happening to us just sitting around listening to them talk.


Be in agreement field during the Patty Hearst situation. I was observing what was happening to black people, OK and and and and.


To this day.


I still, I still don’t believe what happened to Huey Newton. Why? Because I mean.


Him and I know that the deteriorating factors of us are lost sense of feel for self where you’ve been abandoned and I also interviewed will surround the first state Superintendent, California, who told me the role of a Superintendent is worsened because you cannot define your past and relation to your community.


Because when you turn around, you don’t have a community. When I walk inside that door all.


I got is.


Me and my community is not stepping up like a community to back me up, so if I try to speak this way that way, I just can’t do it.


Because I have no support and I’ll be out of here in the next on the next, you know it. It’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about winning turn my winning. Winning what? Winning self destiny. You know, manifest destiny. Winning control of your own life.


OK, where you’re able to take care of you because of the things you practice doing with other people, OK. And you’ve learned how to move through their chaos.


Self has chaos. Other people have chaos. The drama.


That’s what? That’s what winning is about when it’s about understanding you’re in this and nobody’s on your team unless you’re winning.


And you can’t win if you’re not over here in government. You can’t win. So you understand that. OK, but how do you how?


Do you manage that?


Anxiety, that emotion, that that, that, that.


Thinking inside outside the box and still survive. OK, that’s my childhood. Becoming an adult. Getting through the ring core. I’m evolving. You know, I go through these workplaces, post office, I go through the Department of Treasury. I I mean, these are government agencies. And I’m saying, you know, I’m supposed to be.


I’m a veteran. I’m supposed to be safe. Why? No, you’re not safe. Why aren’t you safe? Because you’re talking about.


Black empowerment. You’re talking about people empowerment, not just blacks. It was was I was advocating for Filipinos, whites where wherever else was inside that same labor situation where you’re not being appreciated for the work that you’re doing and instead you’re getting all these nasty jobs and being left behind in terms of promotion and so forth. So on.


No, that’s that’s not the blind experience.


But but but that’s the black experience, you know? So the workplace just didn’t didn’t work for me. It didn’t work for me because I refused to accept, you know, being punished for my labor, for performing and then asking questions and saying, no, you got to stop this and telling them look at look at my performance ratio.


How are you gonna? No, I am doing what you asked me to do. But you’re telling me I gotta accept all this other stuff. In addition to that. So becoming an entrepreneur, it was happening. It was formulating. You know, my dad was independent trucker. I love going to work with him outdoors. And he was very competitive. You know these trucks.


You see him on.


The road he was always trying to.


Get his load.


Bearing back to get his the maximum.


Amount of loads per.


Like to to get the Max amount of pay you know, and so that experience of of of him, you know and me being in the truck with him and then at lunchtime we out there and he’s he he’s serving.


Ham and chicken sandwiches and all this kind of stuff. And I’m experiencing him.


You know, and I’m listening to to him and he’s around white men and and and and they’re upset because he drives his truck and tries to beat them and get the most out of his truck. I mean, they would block him in the morning. They do stuff like that. And I’m not what I’m talking about is the black experience. But in terms of competing.


In terms of competing for your share now, if he was white better than acceptable, but we’re talking about a child who, who, who is being formally introduced to.


Well, that’s what I gotta overcome. So you’re dreaming of being a doctor, but you you see doctors that are being marginalized at the same time. I’m not saying they don’t have the the, the Prestige. They had the prestige, but they didn’t have the rest. They didn’t have real power. Eli coast.


They put it very plainly. It’s a glass in and so mocking me that glass ceiling is really low for doctors back then, you know. So you could be a doctor, but you’re not hearing anywhere near with white people are earning or you’re not getting the same contraction. So yes, you got an education, but what are you doing? Practice education. No, that’s what I.


Practice, education. You don’t go to school to get a job. You go to school to get a entrepreneurial practice that you can do because education is the platform that the labor market utilizes to set up products and service. So if you study education, you learn education, you become an entrepreneur.


By transferring now, if I’m telling my humans, I’m saying I’m telling my communication systems, so I’m talking.


About all the platforms of of the high end technology, because that’s what they’re doing. They’re communication platforms. So if you go to school and you practice education, you’re practicing informing your brain.


OK. And if you’re informing your brain, you’re gonna discipline your body well, because you have to because it requires smoke.


This and what it’s focused, OK, so I’m saying to you that’s that’s that’s the recovery. You practice education. If you practice education, you have to receive the information. OK. So where I was blocked as a kid, I was open as a, as an emerging adult. Why? Because I knew I had to become more informed in order for me.


To successfully be who I am.


And not refuse to be black? No, because that’s that’s a that’s a huge carriage for me. That’s a huge carry.


Don’t be other than who I.


Don’t you know I walk in classrooms?


I never dummy down.


You’ll never see me walk in the classroom and dummy down. I don’t care if it’s a Asian white aragan. I don’t care who you are. I’m not gonna knock me down. You’re gonna deal with my intellect, you see. And I’m not saying I’m better than you. I’m saying that I will not marginalized my.


Sense of feel.


For self that I’ve been building over.


All my life.


To be in this room.


To bow down to you because you think this is you’re over here because everybody says you this and I’m not being disruptive. I’m. I’m not going to be cursed. I’m no I’m saying I’m not going to sit there and listen to you. Be fool the environment because of your power authority.


I am therefore I must speak forward and let people know I practice education out loud, knowing participation is based on performance. So if I perform in other.


Young people like me at that time are observing me. They’re learning how to participate in public spaces in a classroom, even, and display their intelligence and not dummy down because these people are.


Telling the professors what happened to me, telling the professor he’s he’s too much and so I get you know how to do the grading system. He gives me a seat. I deserve a but he tells.


Where everybody in the classroom is upset, and so I’m going to give you this seat for your own benefit. I’m like what?


You know, now see, so succeeding. Succeeding, surviving who you are from the inside out. Not letting them take that from you. Because when they do, you can’t. Can’t be a family leader no more. Why? What? You gonna leave? Why? You gonna leave from you? Just abandon.


Your sister feel for.


Self. How you gonna get it back?


No, because you are intelligent person and in my experience I’ve come across a lot of intelligent people who are on drugs because they dumb it down and they regretted it. They regretted the fact that they gave in to the pressure not to be who they are, OK, because we don’t.


Knowing anything, enough of anything. So I’m saying going back to Wilson rounds, I’m saying you walk in the room, you find yourself alone. What do you do? Stand up.


No. Be counted. Why? Because I came through Huey Newton, Black Panthers and many, many other community based organizations. That said you can.


You can.


Be a good thinking person. I’ll give you my last mentor. She’s passed now.


Marie Fielder, a woman, mentored me.


And she was one of the first graduate of Chicago school.


University and also from Berkeley. You probably know her. And one thing she told me.


Don’t be a bloom bloom. I’m helping you. Get your doctor.


Do not be another bloom bloom. Meaning do not walk in the room and fill the intimidation.


And reduce your intellect to fit in.


That’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about you understanding the moment and how that pressure and and understanding if you’re wrong, accept it.


But if you’re right, that’s winning. That means your brain is the lead of your body and everything that you’ve been practicing is forward, not backward, forward. And so those that are observing can learn and move forward through you. No, because that’s how I got here. That’s what I’m saying.


By observing my community, the people that were that were stepping up.


Coaches, all those people. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I became an entrepreneur because.


They gave in to less than you know, so I have a coach that’s on my wall right now, Searcy.




Beautiful person.


Up on crack cocaine before he got to high school.


Because he had to figure how to fit in.


And it demoralized.


So I’m talking about, you know.


The spirit of of, of dreaming.


But it has to be a practice because you.


If you if you come from a community, that’s that’s that’s under attack.


Dreaming, you know, it’s not not the normal thing, it’s it’s a higher calling if you’re participating, if you’re paying attention, it’s a higher calling because of what you’re observing and and all the stuff that’s happening.


Before I graduate my school, most of the kids I knew in East Oakland were dead. I’m talking the ones that were in my circle.


They were dead.


Involved in the drug thing and I was in Oak, East Oakland, at the beginning of of of the drugs coming into the black community. Yeah, I was. I was the beginning of that. So I I watched girls, boys that I grew up with hooked on drugs. OK, so they help me understand.


And define the parameters of my dream, my dream to.


Be above that, but in that but not caught up in that.


You know, and step up instead of. So when I walk in the room, I teach my kids. You don’t dump me down because once you dummy down, you feel less dead. You gotta pick yourself back up. I’m talking in the same room because the next minute might be the question you’ve been waiting for them to ask you, but now you got a power back up. Why?


Because you’re the dummy down now. You gotta do it all the peer pressure because you don’t told him that you’re this, but now you’re gonna perform like this. No, you gotta perform all the time. I don’t tell my human intelligence where that’s what education is supposed to be.


Informing to bring your technology, but we don’t get that in the black community we get everything other than that. But but when you go my daughter white school? Yeah, it’s inside the curriculum. You are a technology. Don’t tell you you.


Because they’re showing you that you are technology.


And we expect this out of you. No. So I’m gonna stop right there. That, that, that answer the question and I go over.


I’m coming. I’m trying to drink my.


Apple juice.


Like I’m too.


Yeah, yeah, sure. Like I said, it’s your.


Podcast. Ohh hey you. You started it. You started it. No, you, you, you you land.


You passed on a lot of good stuff and I have to say, you know, my parents never taught me to to dumb myself down at all. They they knew from early age that I was very headstrong and independent and and stubborn.


Phone me.


And so yeah, that’s that’s definitely got me into trouble a lot of times, a lot of times. But one thing I would never do is is dumb myself down. I mean I’ve I’ve had all kinds of crazy experiences in my life and it’s to the point. I tell people I was like.


I I moved to a country where I didn’t know anyone didn’t speak the language. Nobody looked like me.


And I mean.


I I didn’t did some things OK? And what else? What else could you throw at me and and and try to tell me and and do anything to me? I mean, I’m. I’m a bad *. You know what I’m saying? So you know, like what? What would I ever be scared of? What? What would I ever be scared of? So it’s like.


Yeah, yeah.


Do do with that information what you will, but I’m gonna. I’m gonna shoot first.


And ask questions.


Last, that’s that’s the type of stuff I’m on, but.


But yeah, like I don’t know when you when you have that type of experiences, I think that energy comes through because I was telling someone the other day I was like, you know.


What? I’ve never.


I’ve never been in like a fight.


I you know, people like I’ve been to all kinds of fights growing up as a kid and stuff. And I was like, I’ve never. I’ve never been in a fight. And I think that energy comes across that, you know, I’m, I’m I’m crazy or something, you know? But.


But hey, it it is what it is and you know you you just you just build off of it from there and I hope that energy still comes through when I’m 80 years old.


Not right then either, but.


Let’s see next question.


I don’t know how I want to frame this, but what was the process on getting to to you know where you are now? What certifications did you get? What degrees did you get you? You talked a little bit about the mentors and and you know.


What? What, what got you?


To where you are now.


Good question.


Fascinating that I didn’t catch that earlier because that’s what I was talking through using Education, Junior College, Laney College.


Professor Appleby.


Miss Johnson, all these professors right took me in understanding.


This guy has potential, but he has to be tamed.


But not control, but brought into the real world. So at Laney College, I began to study black economics.


Because these professors were counseling me to go to specific classes to learn about the black experience, but within the context of economic development. Because when you come in through a subculture, you end up poor when you’re kind of in it. But when you begin to apply the economics.


To it.


Then your your Internet entrepreneurial type of area, because that’s what you know. You go back and you look at some.


Of our most.


Prestigious leaders back then, WY you know, building the newspaper and and and and and creating a movement from that.


He was an entrepreneur. You have a lot of entrepreneurs that came through the system, right?


Harriet Tubman, another entrepreneur you may not think of her that way, but that’s what she was doing. She was doing something that was needed that many, many he would pay for, and then it, and that became her, her vehicle to prestige. OK, so I’m saying to you and Laney.


College learning about the black experience, but then understanding at that level, that was the economic component. I got a degree. I didn’t even go to the ceremony cause I said and I was taught, that’s just the.


Candy and A doesn’t do anything for you because a lot of people go to go to your.


Cars. They get the A they think they.


Don’t get it. They can go away. No, that’s just the start.


Of your credential. OK so.


I got the A and went on the SAC state right major corrections not because I want to be a cop because I’m in community based corrections.


Right, that’s theoretically I’m talking about what the degree is supposed to do for me. Help me correct the community’s wrongs that’s going on. So community based corrections. Why I went into that. I learned about law enforcement and and nursing and all these.


Other peripheral institutions you know, more importantly, I learned about the the caging system, the prison childhood, the prison pipeline, and all these type of things I was learning about. But it was relative because I was coming out of Oakland. I wasn’t in Oakland. My mom moved to North Carolina, not N, but north.


Look, let me let me add that because she took care of us, she went.


To the ghetto and move us out of the ghetto to N Oakland to save our lives. And she did OK, so community based corrections. I got a degree.


And community based corrections. I was already in schools practicing. I was already holding seminars, summer camps, things like that.


For children and families, OK to help improve academic performance through language arts and the way I teach language arts is as performing arts. So you’re talking about reading, writing, acting, and performing script. You’re right.


You you have to perform at every single level, so it’s activity based learning. So when you come to the camp, you’re going to be doing things on there. And then I take you to fire departments, car lots, housing projects that are being constructed to give you that sense that that sense of the why of the why.


So you begin to understand how these things are supposed to work, so you’re not just dummying down and postponing your understanding. If you are, well, this is what you’re looking to do. Don’t go buy used home.


Think about a brand new home. Don’t go get a used car. Think about a brand new car.


Doing those types of things, community based corrections.


As I was moving through it, I also did some work with teachers in schools teaching children how to read things of that sort entrepreneurship.


Again, it was evolving through the practice of going to those classes and taking the concepts and going to library and implementing those things simultaneously in my own house. My my daughter was born with her.


Her, her a disruptive stomach was in her chest, and so she had.


To go through.


All but the eye.


Embrace the education to teacher how to learn to learn while injured and hurt. Slow learner because of her birth difficulties, but helping her to buy in. She never experienced her negative energy from her father her whole childhood, so I understand.


She was resting her future on believing her father’s love and care, and that’s the entrepreneurship. As a dad, you want your kid who is an underperformer, never to realize they’re underperformer, but to move through it and deal with the ups and pains. But the confidence that I can and that’s what she did.


And she would breakdown in one class she built herself back.


Up because I can.


Then, because when she came home we worked on those things and so we got through them. So I use education, I apply education, the science of education. I’m talking to you about in reference to talking through my daughter and learning how I could possibly help her improve her ability to move through me.


Her mother.


And the other things that are that are.


Involved in her day-to-day. So that’s the green one? He asked the green community based corrections with a.


Lower degree.


What was it? Welfare. Social welfare. Yeah, social because remember, I’m community, right? I’m a bleeding heart. So yeah, social welfare. Correction. I went from there and got a masters in education. I was already practicing becoming a doctor at that point. So I was already.


When I went into the into the program, I already had my thesis work already.


You’re done, right? So that was a breeze. So I didn’t have to worry about that. But I’m already an entrepreneur. That’s what I’m saying. I’m already entrepreneur. I got involved with a a professor that nobody liked because he was an African American who had a stroke who used to be, you know, the bomb. But once he had his stroke, he did not deal with it.


So he declined.


In terms of his sense of feel, that’s where I learned it. Working with him, he lost his sense of feel for self and became abusive and alcoholic and all those things.


But he talked to me, OK? And he told me you don’t go to school to get a job, you go to school to practice. What? You think you’re learning now, so when you graduate?


You got your degree. Plus you got a business.


That’s in the undergraduate component that are carried into the Masters component. So once I got there, I was already practicing, so I’m in the classroom. I never experienced any let down because I was already performing. So other people were in teaching in all this. I was talking from a community based education perspective.


And being in the classroom and understanding when every time our behavior and minds and all that I’m talking about no action, learning the mind is.


Not the brain. The mind is reflective capacity of the brains. Defense mechanisms built up over the years as part of your labor management, so that.


That program a state.


That you have to perform through, that’s where everybody says about the mind. But the mind is memory stored. For what purpose? From the experience of the environment, the environment of stimulants and your response is stored in a state of mind, body, mind.


No, I’m talking brain by because you have to learn how to change, choose, comprehend, change. That’s what we do as human beings. But you’re talking about we have to choose to comprehend the need to change and be changed by the things we experience. And that’s the brain. But when you lock it down, you’re stuck in one job.


You scared? Leave that one job.


Why? Because that’s your state of.


They talk and they turn these state of mind and you don’t know how to recreate because you’re not talking about the brain. The brain recreates. That’s we’ve been talking about. My brain will will create and recreate and recreate. And even if it’s not acceptable, it will adjust, adjust, adjust my fire and the piece that you get through is sufficient.


Because of all the space that’s there, it’s the space because nobody else is willing to dare try. So you’re still operating at a high level because everybody who matters. I’m talking about this is making you’re looking like.


Wow, that’s pretty damn thing. I had an interview once.


The guy was all marked but but but this is what I do. Humanism. Sorry. This is what I do. He is an education. And I’m telling he was.


I I don’t know.


Where have you been? I’ve been right here. I’ve been right here. And I’ve been talking like this and doing all this. But you know what you’re doing? Yeah, you stick the long, you sit to her. Wait a minute. Don’t laugh. Now you see? You sick.


That’s on me. You see the the the Better Business Bureau on me, all those things on me. So so that I’ll get it.


Please you better you better stop. You better. You better catch yourself. You. You’re upsetting people because you are performing. You never really performing. You are performing, not acting. You are really, really performing. And you have. You’re doing things that we can’t do or that we don’t understand. When you talk about human science.


You talk about neuroscience. We’re trying to center field for self, right, which is a neurophysical you the neurophysical you. So we turn on the sensor feel for self. They don’t teach you that a sense of feel, right. That’s the body brain.


That’s your.


Physicality that’s observable and the invisible you your neurological systems.


Interacting through your sense of feel for self.


And the brain.


To discipline you because you are aware of your body.


And what your body is doing, talk about the mind. Has the mind change that the mind don’t change?


The mind says you stay like you are and let them change. I mean, how many of us have coping that? No, you’re gonna change. You’re the one is gonna help you change because that’s what you are as a human being. You change, you evolve and become other. When we’re talking about other dimensions.


Of yourself and higher and higher levels of functionality and leaving everybody behind without even because you’re performing. What are you performing? Information processing, what level are you performing at the highest possible? Why?


4 variables I talk about all time you learn to move through the negative contact interaction. That’s your brain, body, contact, interaction. Now the cooperations to your sense of feel for self-care about you.


Enough about you to understand I must process this information.


Even if it hurts, because I must experience change in my state of mind.


And if I can experience change in my state of mind, I can reset my sensor and C path.


To move through the next level, I don’t forget what happened, but I’m not caught up in what’s happening. Everybody just not. No, that’s human science. No, that’s human system science. That’s you. As a human being, understanding your brain, body and senses.


Messages of more than just what you see because that’s your messaging systems, right? That’s transferring all this information throughout your whole system and creating these dimensions of you that allow you to read right, talk, draw, act, perform at higher basketball is, I mean.


But the the, the, the getting caught up in the moment. Ohh, that’s because you are channeling the flow of energy, action and feelings and your brain says enough boom. You’re in the zone.


But it’s because your brain is the lead of the body. See, that’s how come.


Bros got hurt. I’m talking the Chicago kid. He got hurt because his brain was leading his body. He was doing things he couldn’t do because he didn’t believe so when he came down his leg with this way and the body went that way, he he’s injured. OK, so they would say by John Moran.


His body is doing all these things and how he hurt his shoulder because his brain was and he believed in his talent, but he didn’t believe in his brain, his brain. He has to be limbo. No cause. When you come down, when you jump up, you know, you gotta brace yourself. That’s your brain. Brain tells you. Look. That’s how you got land and you’re just out there just trying to.


See as you.


Lost sense of feel for self trying to say is, you know it’s your brain, it’s your brain, through your sense of feel for you, care for you. Listen to me. If your brain is saying to your sense of feel.


Yourself the brain. No, because you’re not taught that because they say you gotta mind. And if you hear a voice, you’re crazy, right? So let me ask. I ask people. I ask my students what is the mind?


And what does it feel like to think?


Ohh, what are you here? Is that me talking you is that you talking yourself? And what are you talking through now? You gotta be grounded, right? Grounded to understand it. I feel myself.


The moment I’m in brain talk, OK?


Where’s your mom?


That’s your behavior pattern, just that’s your behavior pattern. That’s what you want to change your behavior pattern, your mood.


See. See the devastation. So no, I I am an entrepreneur because not because I say so, because I practice education in science.


You touched on a couple of things.


But more so, I I like that you said and I realized this when I was in college, is that you go to college and while you’re in college, you should be training to be entrepreneur. And I figured that out my parents.


Give me an ultimatum. They were like, well, you go to college or you be entrepreneur or you get a job. I did all three when I was in college.


I had a web development business that lasted until the economy got crap in 08. With the housing situation, but I was definitely making money. I was making good money and especially for someone that still lived at home and I was in school.


And then after that I got I got a my my first government job which didn’t last long because I got my car.


A very bad one and I had to quit. So yeah, I like that you said while you’re in school, you should be an entrepreneur. Cause I mean that should be the best place that should be the best place to do it. I mean, you know, you’re getting, I don’t say free housing, but subsidized housing.


To an extent, food and all that other kind of stuff, you can experiment and you can fail and no one should be laughing at you because you’re young and stupid, right? So, you know.


But yeah, I enjoyed it. I used to go to mixers. I was 20 years old and I would go to these mixers that were for 21 and plus because they were giving out free alcohol. And so I would bring alcohol home to my parents and stuff. They’re like, where’d you get this from? I was like, for the mix, I would go to, but I would go and my little, my little beat up Saturn.


And go to these mixers and and that’s how we get my clients and.


I was terrified.


I ain’t gonna lie. I was 20 years old. Like I ain’t know about going out and and talking to people and try to get business. But I learned a lot. A lot. I used to used to get these suits from.


From New York and company. And they were these pinstripe suits they were.


Cute, and I would.


Go out there and and and get get customers and stuff like that. And I had the freaking time in my life and it it it taught me a lot at the young age of 20. So yeah, I I totally agree with you that college.


Shouldn’t just be for for education? I mean, you know, it should be for experimenting, more so on the entrepreneurship level and if you can take you some entrepreneurship classes. I tell people all the time you need to be.


Minor in in business.


Yeah, no.


Because there’s going to be a point that comes in your life where you may be forced to be an entrepreneur, you know, and once you have that experience, no one can take it away from you and you could jump right back.


Into it very very easily.


So yeah, there’s there’s that.


You said something else, so I need to get out my little, my little board so I can write.


Stuff down, but.


But yeah, that one really stuck out to me. And also you were talking about when you first started in the in the seminars and stuff and.


I didn’t. I didn’t think of that when I were in my early 20s, but that would have been something that would have.


Really probably pushed me over.


The edge is the seminars and I do the seminars. Now I started when I was working at Microsoft because I figured it gave me St. cred. You know how to do your LinkedIn and how to do your resume and all the other.


Kind of stuff.


Because I was recruited off of off of LinkedIn.


And I figured if if if somebody’s reaching out to me on there from a big big organization, then I got something to sell.


And so I started off doing those type of seminars and that’s how I built.


Up a list of people that I can pull from and sell to. So seminars are are really, really great when you have an idea and a topic that you can speak about and people really, really want to listen to my first.


The minar had two people in it.


Two people and then I built it up to over 150 at one time, which is crazy. But but yeah, that that stuck out to me too, you know. But outside of that, what are some tips and some tricks?


That you would give someone that wanted to be in your in your career.


What did you wish you knew when you started at the beginning, you kind of touched on it.


Where you were like you were stubborn. You were **** *** and a hard head. And you know you had to get through that. And that’s someone that’s been through that too. I think we all have to.


But but yeah.


The one person that stuck out to me as you were talking.


I got to say his name because you’re from Sacramento and Aubrey Stone, you know, was one of my download mentors, you know, in terms of understanding it, transitioning from.


Going through my mentors and Laney College and then coming across him and his, his way of seeing the economics of the black community and and understanding he was doing seminars as part of his platforms. And and I never I never got into woven into them because they were.


Program situations and I’m a process variable, but I always think and thank him, because behind the scenes he was talking and telling me a lot of things.


Take the higher Rd. you know I. That’s that’s one of the most significant dynamics that a elder ever told me was about taking the High Road and what was meant when he said take the High Road because he saw that I was, you know, I was.


Individual strong minded, you know and I need to understand how to move through the people you know and let them have their space without dummying down because in his format you had to dummy down.


That’s why I never fit in, because I would never dumb it down because you learn.


That that’s what the school system does to black people. It makes you dummy down and when?


You get to college.


You waiting on someone to push your button to say the right buzzword and you’re sitting there in the seat.


But you, you.


Don’t. It’s like when I was coming from here. I.


Said I feel.


Behind what these kids fall behind the classroom because they’re waiting.


To perform to get the permission to perform OK, so I learned as I was moving through him. I learned how to take the High Road and sustain because I had to remove myself.


No, you remove you.


But you don’t leave, you remove you from the equation and power up. OK? I mean, again, we’re going back to the dream of winning. If you want to be a winner, you have to understand the circumstances that are involved surrounding the game you’re in.


And play the game.


But don’t give in to the demons that are in the game to take away your talent. The flow of your talent. Because, see, we’re talking about information flow, energy, action, feelings, the flow that you have to have as you go from 1:00 room to the next because it’s all competitive. I mean, when you sit down with your.


Their family, they shooting at you, they they call it game. You. You you don’t call.


The game you call it dead time because you don’t last thing you want to do in a family situation is have to have a business interaction. You know, when you gotta, you gotta tell them. Look, y’all gotta let me be in the room cause I’m not.


Gonna be like you. I’m not gonna.


I no, that’s what education is. No, my don’t. Don’t.


Be less than yourself in front of was supposed to be your support network.


Because you want them to aspire, understand the reality of America.


You cannot.


Power down because you break down the floor of your energy, action and feelings in the environment that they rely on. They don’t understand that. That’s why you admire me because I keep the flow of energy, action and feelings fluently moving through you and it’s inspiring. But yet.


Like Eli, Cole said, demoralizing because you’re not ready to compete at that level.


OK, take the High Road.


Don’t take the heart, remove yourself. Stand and play.


But let them have their space, but you’re still performing. But you didn’t. You didn’t know because everybody appreciate he removed themselves. I gotta deal him no more. But look what he did. OK, that’s that’s acceptable. He didn’t do it here, but he is doing it here.


Because it’s where I started. He didn’t give in. He just removed himself. He performed. You know what he’s about? You know how he does it. Now he’s over there doing it all over again. So I left work with the Chamber and went to, went to our Merced County. This same thing, got trouble. Superintendents and hold on store. But no, I’m saying to you that.


That’s what we’re talking about. That’s what you’re talking when I when I receive your information processing, you’re telling about the experience of going saying I am and no one’s gonna knock this out of me. I’m going to survive. I will.


Survive this and at the end of the day, like you said, when I’m 70, people will respect.


What I have built in me and shared with them and look at all of you that brought in that are doing much, much better because of the experience of you. I can say that, but everyone of my brothers, sisters right now now one of my poor not one all poor because of what I’m talking to you about.


The example and not.


Remove yourself.


Because that’s Eli coast. That’s bitterness.


OK, let them be better because they couldn’t go to school and figure it out and become a high achiever.


OK, outside the box return or in the box behaviors of in the box outside the box and excel in the box and outside the box you’re winning. That’s what winning is.


Being able to go inside the box, handle your business and still perform over here, handle your business and then they, yes, you’re alone, but you’re really not alone. You’re not alone.


Because what are you doing? You’re a leader amongst people that are afraid to follow.


Because they’re afraid to lose what they got.


But they’re using you as the example in closed doors, and that’s what life’s all about. You know, teach one, reach one, keep the community growing and evolving. We just keep coming. Like I’m saying to you, you just keep coming. You’re not going to stop, you’re going to keep coming. And they are watching and they are building that.


Flow of energy, action and feelings through every time they see you, and probably they reach a point where they say OK.


She’s right.


He’s right.


And we don’t want forgiveness. We just want you to understand we live in America, we can’t dumb it down.


We can’t dumb it down. Why? Because the minute we dumb it down.


Everything off.


Ancestors and four.


I feel.


You know.


You don’t know how many lines you check. I don’t. I can’t count the number of lines I’m changing because of the person I am when I walk inside these rooms and I go to, I go. I’ve been to seminars in Atlanta. See, I walk. I sit in the front. I don’t sit in the back. I sit in the front.


And I can hear the chirp, chirp, chirp and I can hear the people behind me saying, well, hear real deal here, a real deal. OK, being black in America, he a real deal. I’m not the one that’s in the power.


Seat. But I’m I.


Got the power, but I understand why I’m there. I understand how to move through that environment, but more importantly, I’m talking about the community.


Of me being in the front row or unknown but handling it.


Because, I mean, our kids go to go to university and sit in the back of the room.


No. Eloise Johnson taught me that. No, get your **** out of the back seat. Get in the front room.


OK, hit in the front room. Don’t sit in the back of the bus. Sit in the power seat and handle that pressure. No. Why? Because your brain.


Is manifesting itself at higher levels of focus and concentration. Because your defense mechanisms are working and you hear and feel everything, teasing, pulling peer pressure.


Right. You’re in the moment. What are you going to do? Chill, comprehend and need to change and be changed?


And then remove yourself because you had your fat herby in the world knows now. I’ve been the classroom where I’ve gone. I’ve been a classroom where one of the girls I went to school with who was a high flying a student was in the room and had the opportunity to watch me perform. So I got feedback.


I got positive feedback about the growth cycles and what the expectations were when I was going through the childhood experiences so.


I sat there.


Today, the real dream is what you’ve been talking to me about, moving through all that and understanding you have to find your own world. No, because that’s what that’s that’s. No, that’s that’s that’s. That’s why I take my hat off to our young people today, because that’s what they’re doing.


They’re creating that frontier themselves. No, no, it’s it’s unimaginable. But that’s we’re talking about.


Letting your praying be in the lead of your body. They don’t. Don’t let them shape your behavior and you be that.


Because you’re programmed to believe that’s you. That’s not you. See you. How many hats?


Did you wear?


How many rooms you walk in and now how many more rooms can you walk in a day because you kept it moving?


No, that’s that’s what that’s winning.


That’s winning because at the end of the day.


When I die.


I will die as Christopher Kevin Slater.


Well, he was this. He was that. He was a black man.


A black intellectual.


And an Academy.


He was a scientist. He was. No, no, no. No, no, no, no. This, you know, doubt, you know, in my family, they don’t. People don’t like me. They know he is.


The real deal.


That’s important when you come from where we come from and you know, in order for you to walk in the room and.


Display your intellect.


Publicly you got to be willing to take the consequences.


People are going to hate you because you dare display your intellect.


Amongst other ethnic groups.


And allow other.


People in your community to see you do it.


And be inspired by it.


And not be afraid.


Because the next moment they’re going to be the ones knocking at your door. I’m Tommy Wilson. Rounds telling.


You you can’t do that.


We’re gonna stop there.


Because we have to work harder, you’re making us work too hard. No, I’m making you wake up to the reality that our community will always be behind unless we step up and participate at the highest levels publicly.


Because we are mural physical systems, everybody can see us.


And when we dumb it down, they definitely see that.


That’s what I’m saying.


All right, doctor. Christopher slayton. We can wrap it up. You can give us. Uh.


A closing statement. Where can we find you anything you’re trying to sell? All.


All that good stuff.


My my new book is coming out brain talk.


Right. It’s going to be on Amazon, and it’s supposed to drop on Monday.


Right. I I have a website doctorslatelive.com that’s attached to that drop. I also have the brain’s body. I’ve been talking through.


OK. And that’s doctor Christopher case, layton.com?


I have my own podcast now. When I talk about podcast, I’m talking about what we’re talking about right now. I’m talking about talking and leaving enough messages.


For people to realize he was here and he was talking like this.


And I’m hearing all this. I didn’t hear him because that was the noise that were preventing me from just listening because we talked about self intelligences, which you and I’ve been talking about as human intelligence.


While being black.


But self intelligence that’s more acceptable because they think we’re talking self centeredness. But I always talk to you about the sense of feel for self, other people and the environment, because we’re inclusively competing.


See all the time so.


What’s another one? Wow, I think that website. Then I have my business website whichisbrainsbody.net.


Which you can get a free consultation with me and then we go from there. I do learning plans. I do all kinds of things to help you begin to understand the science of self.


As a human being, dealing with the emotion.


Because emotion is in everything you do, but so is thought, and the confusion is the conflict between your thinking.


And flowing through.


Potion and you have to balance that to understand the sense and receive path functions. So I say neurophysics because you are observable. That’s the environment of you and then you’re invisible, right. Which is the neural systems of you and then self.


Is between that functionality that allows you to know how to deal with emotion because you sense feel to focus.


You focus you and then you receive. Now messaging kicks in and you’re aware of what you’re processing, and that’s that emotion. So that emotion is now balanced. OK, so the thought and emotion is not, you know, any woman and you’re trying to figure out how to control yourself, because what we’re talking about.


Has since feel focused to inform the brain display the body, and manage your senses.


The way they all function fluidly because you have to focus the process cycles.


That you move through for contact interaction to cooperate, participate and perform at your highest levels while being emotional.


That you know, that’s brings by.net. Yeah. I hope I didn’t. I hope I didn’t go too far off the rails.


So you are magnificent. Let me say that too.


Your your testimony to me really motivated me cause you give me hope.


I never met you, but I can see how a person like you should have walked through our systems.


And how you?


Work. Walk through your systems.


And that Co action that you talked to just got me going because you’re the future and you’re also representing the futures future and you’re telling me, not hope, but help. Help is here. No, because I’m watching it.


So that’s that’s.


You’ve been magnificent for.


Thank you. I’m going. I just, I just do me figure like I figure like this you know my ancestors it it probably comes from my ancestors. You know, I don’t, I don’t consider myself to be anything spectacular.


You were.


I’m saying.


Or anything like that, because my ancestors, they’re the ones that that were spectacular to get me to this point.


So I I put all my all my, my faith in my in my I don’t know word I’m trying to use all my whatever I give all my blessings to my to my ancestors so I can be able to do these things. But thank you Doctor.


Christopher Slayton, for coming on my podcast nobody wants to work though. Y’all my name is Elyse Robinson, and y’all can find me at www.taxes.services.


And I just wanted to specify the date, the date your book comes out is January 15th, 2024 because I do like the date the podcast. So so people know these things.


Yeah, that’s that’s.


That’s pretty much it.


Thank you for your.


Thank you for having me.


Let me see. Yeah.


Stop it. Stop it. And Nope, I don’t want to end it. Here we go.